The Story so far...

In late 2015 BIB Taproom, named after the industry abbreviation for bag-in-box, launched the UK's first pop-up natural wine taproom. The idea was simple, to bring people well priced artisan wine in ecologically sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging can lower the carbon footprint of wine by up to 80%, while also lowering the cost to you by 30%. 

Three pop-ups later, BIB merged with its sister wine club Weino London, to launch WEINO BIB. In this permanent incarnation the crew at WEINO BIB wanted to focus on allowing people the choice to drink their wine at home as well as in their sampling room. 

WEINO BIB chooses to work with wine makers and importers who tread lightly on the earth, without pesticides & additives that end up in our bodies. It is our mission to do all we can to change the landscape of commodities, showcasing how we can effectively change the way we consume, while never compromising on quality.